Soft Touch Bottle Brush

Mampu membersihkan semua botol Dr. Brown’s dengan cermat dan efisien. Sikat yang dirancang untuk semua jenis botol Dr. Brown’s ini tahan lama, bulu lembut di kepalanya mampu menggosok botol dengan  bersih tanpa menggoresnya.
  • Bulu lembutnya tidak akan menggores botol
  • Terdapat alur di pegangan sehingga tidak licin
  • Bagian bawah sikat mampu membersihkan nipple
  • Terdapat clip untuk menggantung sikat
  • Aman dimasukkan ke alat sterilisasi

Soft Durable Bristles
Dr. Brown’s Soft Touch Bottle Brush is designed specifically for all Dr. Brown’s bottles and features a durable, soft bristle head for efficient cleaning. The soft bristles thoroughly clean bottles without scratching.

Grooved No-Slip Handle 
The Soft Touch Bottle Brush features a grooved no-slip handle that is easy to grip and is designed to provide stability and comfort when cleaning your bottles.

Chevron Channels at Base for Cleaning Nipples
The Soft Touch Bottle Brush features a nipple cleaner at the base of the non-slip handle that is designed specifically to clean all Dr. Brown’s bottle nipples. The chevron channels at the base gently scrub the interior of bottle nipples.

Suction Storage Clip
The Soft Touch Bottle Brush includes a suction storage clip which allows you to keep the brush conveniently near the sink in an optimal upright position.

Dishwasher and Sterilizer Safe
The Soft Touch Bottle Brush contains no metal for easy cleaning and sterilization, especially in a hospital setting. Dr. Brown’s Soft Touch Bottle Brush is top rack, dishwasher safe and can be sterilized in electric sterilizers, microwave sterilizers or microwave sterilizer bags.